Fix Your Marketing With A Strategy

In this three-part series we are exploring the common small business problem of “broken marketing”. In Part 1, we discussed how to determine if your marketing is broken, and how to recognize the signs and symptoms of a program in need of help. 
In this article we discuss the development of a marketing strategy and a plan that will help to focus your company on success. 
Who should develop the strategy?

Why Your Marketing Is Broken

Does it feel like your marketing is hopelessly broken? How do you even know if it’s broken, or how badly? Are you feeling frustrated with your efforts or lack of progress with your marketing programs?
In this three-part series, we will help you determine if your marketing is the source of your business challenges, how to fix your marketing programs, and the best way to find the help you need to create a successful result.
Is my marketing broken?

8 Vital Lessons from INBOUND15

As a newbie to the INBOUND conference, I wasn't quite sure what to expect. The majority of my clients are not Hubspot users, let alone fanatics, which meant that much of the product-centric content would have little appeal. Coupling that with the fact that I'm far from a newbie to the digital marketing space, (closer to dinosaur) I wasn't sure how much there was to learn, or if what was presented would have relevance in my day-to-day job function.

Your Website: The Cornerstone of Your Social Media Campaign

When I work with small business social media campaigns, I’m often surprised to hear that the manager or owner has such clear focus of what they want to achieve from a social standpoint, but has little concern with their website in the overall plan. It seems that while many small businesses undoubtedly understand the need for social to reach out to their audience, they don’t realize that their website is one of the main tools used in creating an effective social campaign.

Where You Can Find the Best Content to Share on Social Media

Almost weekly I'm asked by a client or follower where the best place to find information to post on social sites can be found.

While some of this varies according to your social media strategy (e.g. are you trying to promote products, entertain, provide news or offer customer service via your social channel?), there are three places where I am confident you can always find great content to post:

1.  Your Website

Facebook & Google+ for Small Business

How should a small business use Facebook and Google+? This presentation I gave for the Greater Salem Chamber of Commerce and Windham NH Community Development Department discussed my preferred marketing strategies for small business and professionals using these networks. While these are general strategy guidelines, and I would advise any business or professional to seek individual guidance, they are a good starting point for someone planning their intial online strategy.

Why You Need the Red Headed Stepchild of Social Networks

If you use social media, you probably use Facebook. Maybe you even Tweet once in a while, or if you're super-techy, you use Google+. But my bet is that although most of the people reading this have a LinkedIn profile, there is a but a handful that login more than once a month. And that is unfortunate. Because if you're in the B2B space, LinkedIn is the most valuable social media platform available to you.

Mastering Your Marketing Funnel in the Social Media Age

Social media has changed the way we sell. Even if you are selling the same products or services you sold 10 years ago, the way you acquire leads, interact with prospects and follow up after a sale has all changed.

Marketing Question of the Week: Sales Professional Use of Social Media

 Marketing Question of the Week: I understand the power of social media and the need to market myself with it. Currently all I am doing is 'checking in' at some of my appointments locations and posting links for articles pertaining to my industry. How can I, as a sales professional that doesn't offer personal or retail services, utilize social media better to market my business?

Thanks to Chris Burns of ACP Fire & Security for asking this question. 

Marketing Question of the Week: Sales Professional Use of Social Media

Marketing Question of the Week: What is the best way to make follow up contact with a possible client/customer after an initial short information gathering meeting?

This question comes from Jim Silva of Silva Law Office

Jim, your question about following up is a challenging one. I think it is highly dependent upon your industry, whether you sell product or service, and what your relationship is with someone. I can tell you what I do, and maybe that will be a helpful start. 

First, connect socially online. 


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