Is It Time For Your Website’s 10,000 Mile Tune Up?

If you are like me, your car is one of the most used and needed tools for your life and work. It provides access to the world, allows mobility and freedom, provides connections and keeps your routine running smoothly. Knowing its value, you will maintain it, keep it fueled and relay its value to others. 
But do you think of your website as a similar tool?
Whether you own your vehicle or lease it, there are costs associated with ownership: monthly payments, routine maintenance, upgrades (e.g. new tires and rims, etc.) and technical service - such as oil changes and tune-ups. 
Similar types of service are needed to maintain your website, whether built in a permanent platform (you own it) or a subscription based platform (you’re just leasing it.) Here is one way to draw a parallel to your car’s maintenance:
Your website functions as the face of your online business, and as such is every bit as valuable a tool as your car. Just as your vehicle it needs a steady stream of fuel, in the form of content, to perform at optimum levels. Without the proper fuel, like as with your own car, will fail to keep you moving forward.  
Engaging an expert in content or digital marketing is a safe way to ensure proper fueling your site, if your company is not already equipped to provide this level of routine maintenance. Think of them as your service technicians. 

To Own or to Lease?

One of the best advantages of leasing your vehicle is the ability to take advantage of the new and advanced model every few years. But leasing a website (by using a subscription-based service) has limitations that might not be the best practice for your business. While you may not need to worry about security updates thanks to your provider, using subscription-based site builders does not provide much opportunity for customization to match your business practices. Investing in a professionally designed and developed website is the best way to guarantee that your online presence is always within your control and can grow with your business’ needs. 
Remember, optimize your business performance by consistently fueling up with a reliable online presence and be sure to provide the routine maintenance your site needs to avoid downtime and missed opportunities.