Secrets of The Bounce

Do you attract enough visitors to your site, but don’t understand why aren’t you getting more leads? Your visitors can’t become leads if they don’t take the time to stay and look around. One great way to know if they are doing that is to analyze your website’s effectiveness via the visitor bounce rate.
The Bounce Rate is the percentage of visitors to your site who visit only one page—then quickly depart. It is measured by examining the total number of visits to the site against those where a person visits just one page and exits quickly. Bounces to your site usually signal that visitors have been referred there from somewhere else—perhaps a search engine referral or even a blog or social media post.
Imagine a person conducting a search, seeing results and then clicking a hyperlink to your blog post. After quick review of your post, they go “back” to the search results to look for more answers. Especially if that visit is short, say less than a minute, it would be considered a “bounce”. You calculate a bounce rate percentage by dividing the single-page sessions by all the sessions and also evaluating the time on the site.
The Right Bounce Amounts
So how do you know if your bounce rate is good? What is a normal or good bounce rate for a site? A bounce rate of less than 40% is considered low and therefore good. Forty one to fifty five percent is about average, while 56 to 70 percent is considered above average.
Is high percentage a bad indicator for your site? That depends.
If the effectiveness of your site depends on multiple-page visits—as for example a catalog—then a lower percentage might be required in order to complete the visitor experience/transaction. If your site is more focused on content dissemination for branding purposes— e.g. a blog or the sort of content that requires the study of one page—then a high bounce rate means little.
The best course either way is to talk to your web developer and/or marketing guru to learn what bounce percentage is typical for your business. A pro is skilled in assessing all your site analytics and has the experience to reach the appropriate bounce rate that will keep your web site jumping.