Five Reasons Why...Every Small Business Needs to Blog

One of the questions I hear regularly from small businesses is why they should bother to blog. Blogging is time-consuming, tedious, and requires regular investment of energy that can be hard to schedule.

So why should you blog? Because you can’t afford not to...

Reason #1: You’re the Expert

You don’t start or run a small business to be anything less than an expert at what you do. No one knows more about your product, services and industry than someone who lives and breathes it every day, all day.

What you consider the mundane is often new and valuable information for your clients and prospects. You don’t become impatient if they call to ask you those questions, and you probably impart specialized information to them regularly in person or by email. If you’re willing to share your knowledge at a one-to-one level, a blog just extends that reach.

Understand and accept that your knowledge has value, and that imparting that knowledge showcases your expertise. When you are recognized as the expert, more prospects will beat the path to your door.

Reason #2: Your Audience Cares

Who cares about what you have to say or think? Who wants to hear the thoughts inside your head?

Your clients and prospects, that’s who. While you are the expert in your area, they are not. They have questions that they need answers, and they need someone they trust to provide those answers.

Without a blog, your website is nothing more than a sales pitch. And if all a prospect ever knows about you is your sales pitch, how can you build the trust you need to sell your product or service?

Go back to Reason #1, you ARE the expert. When they need information about your area of expertise, they want to go to someone they know, like and trust. Blogging builds a rapport with your audience that will help to gain the trust that will bring their questions and business to you.

Reason #3: You Want Your Site to be Found

Let’s not get into a long, technical discussion about SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SERP ranking (Search Engine Result Page) or long-tail keywords... because while all of that plays into the HOW a blog works to your advantage as a business, it is not relevant to the WHY.

If you want your site to be found online, you need fresh content updated regularly that is relevant to your audience. (Note that I said “audience” not “keyword”.) Google, Bing, Yahoo and other engines recognize that the more recent the content is presented, the more valuable it is likely to be.

As well, more traffic to your site makes your site more relevant to your audience, and by blogging regularly you will drive more traffic to your site. Remember to take the time to invite you customers and prospects to read your new blog post to help generate that traffic.

Reason #4: Avoid the Drought

Once you’ve built a website, you want to be done with it, you don’t want to have it on your TO DO list every week!

But it is exactly that reason why you need to blog.

Many small businesses face a feast-or-famine situation due to their lack of consistent marketing. If you only market when you have time for it, your lead/sales cycle will peak and valley rather than offer a stable, consistent income.

Blogging will force you to pay attention to all of your marketing on a regular basis, which will help to stabilize your lead generation cycle. In the end, this will help you to avoid the ‘droughts’ that can destroy a small business during a recession or slow economic growth period.

Reason #5: It Will Keep You on the Cutting Edge of Your Industry

Remember back in #1 when I told you that you were The Expert... well, just because you’re an expert doesn’t mean you know EVERYTHING.

In fact, true experts recognize where their knowledge falls short and try to fill that gap with learning or leaning on other experts for advice.

The process of writing a blog regularly usually means reading or researching regularly to find inspiration, ideas and concepts to impart on your audience. By becoming a writer for your blog, you will force yourself to stay current with industry trends, new developments and other sources of information that you might otherwise have ignored.


Now that you know WHY to blog, it’s time to get started. If you have questions about how to get your blog started, or how to add a blog to your website, let me know. I look forward to reading your blog!