How to Choose a Web Designer

When a small business owner asks this question of their colleague, it's often because they are hoping for a quick and simple answer that will get their own website done with speed and ease.

But there are other questions you should be asking, questions that will make sure that the web designer you choose will create the right online presence for your business, and not just a fast-and-easy solution.

A website is more than a pretty picture. A website is an interactive tool that should promote your brand and drive leads to your business. Choosing the right designer means finding the right person to understand your perspective, know your needs, and be able to communicate the right message to your audience.

Skills of a web designer includue graphic design as well as user experience, branding, marketing, sometimes social media and often technology. Your situation may not be the same as your colleague's, so you should make sure that when you ask for a referral, you are clear about the skills you are looking for, and that the people they suggest are right for YOUR situation.

What do you look for in a web designer? What skills are most important to you? Let me know your thoughts, I'd love to know what you see as the most essential part of choosing a web designer.