How Should I Spend My Online Advertising Budget?

Everyday you’re bombarded with online advertising, whether it’s while searching for a recipe on Google or scrolling through your Facebook newsfeed, all the while painfully aware that you should be upping your online advertising game. But where do you start? Where will you achieve the best return on investment? What methods are ultimately going to drive sales?

What Are My Options for Online Advertising?

From Pay Per Click (PPC) or Pay Per Action to more traditional Pay Per Insertion or Pay Per Impression advertising, the choices for HOW you advertise online are almost as endless as those available to you for WHERE you advertise. Of course there are the major search engines like Google and Bing, as well as the major social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter, but what about up and comers like SnapChat and Instagram or more specialized, professional platforms like LinkedIn? 

Narrowing down all these choices can be enough to make your head spin, which is why many companies enlist the help of a reputable digital marketing agency. If you do go it alone, carefully consider all the places where your customers spend time online, take a look at which ones fit with your brand image, voice and budget and then consider where you could have the most impact.


What is the Difference Between Paid Social and Paid Search?

Once you enter the digital marketing arena you’ll probably hear these terms frequently and sometimes interchangeably, but they are different. 
Paid Search is what many people commonly think of when one mentions PPC (pay-per-click) ads. These text-based ads are served-up based on keyword searches typically at the top or sides of a Search Engine Results Page. These ads are great for reaching individuals who are actively searching for information on topics specifically related to your business.
Paid Social ads can vary in format from basic text to full-motion video and, with the advent of things like Facebook Messenger Marketing, you can even create truly interactive campaigns using artificial intelligence! Paid Social is great for targeting audiences based on specific interests, behaviors and demographics.

Which is Better, Paid Social or Paid Search Advertising? 

In most cases, both types of ads deserve a place in your marketing program. Paid Search is highly targeted and tends to capture leads that are closer to taking action — whether it be asking for more information or making a purchase. That being said, Paid Search also tends to cost more and is difficult to target by anything other than those keywords, so you may find yourself with some leads that might not quite fit your demographic. Paid Social, on the other hand, is great for targeting specific audiences by demographics, behaviors, and so much more. It also offers endless opportunities to create brand awareness and build brand strength and is, for the most part, very inexpensive. 
Used together, Paid Search and Paid Social pack a one-two punch that, combined with a content- and offer-rich website, will create an endless cycle of leads and loyal customers to fuel your business.