Are “Sticky Notes” Killing Your Marketing?

It’s a great idea to brainstorm your marketing on sticky notes, napkins or other scraps of paper, right? Think again! From time to time we work with clients who have great ideas, but capture them in a haphazard and inconsistent method - sticky notes. Learn why “Sticky Note Marketing” can be more detriment to your business than help.

A Method That Interrupts Business Flow

Sticky note ideas might be great for brainstorming, but when handed off as part of an organization's marketing process, they become an interruption to the normal work flow. Why? Because “Sticky Note” marketing ideas tend to be tactical in nature, not strategic. A “to do” list of items like: "send postcard", "drop email to list". Tactics only work when integrated into a bigger, strategic plan or they are disconnected efforts that yield lesser results.

Which Takes Priority?

It is almost impossible to prioritize which sticky note is more important? Sticky notes can come from a variety of sources, from VP of Sales to CFO. Who has the overriding vote or influence? For the person at the bottom of the chain receiving the sticky notes as part of their to do list, they have a hard time knowing what is most critical to the goals of the organization.

Quickly Pile Up

In marketing, as in the rest of business, there never seem to be enough hours in a day! With so many goals, from lead generation to brand recognition; and customer service to brand loyalty. When a single department supports so many people within an organization, inevitably there will be more people needing work done than people to do it. Without a solid marketing plan driving the tactical work, sticky notes pile up, creating a workload that is difficult to manage from both a budgetary and personnel standpoint.

Lacking Longevity

Sticky note marketing doesn't offer a long-term solution because it's not tied to a specific plan, or part of a particular strategy. Every company that I've ever worked with who uses sticky notes to drive their marketing tactics tends to have a bigger issue... long term planning and budgeting. Sometimes "sticky note marketing" is a result of a lack of a contact person to handle the marketing work to come it. It can also represent a failure to budget, or just a lack of priority for marketing in general. The best marketing comes from a plan that is derived from the goals of all the stakeholders in an organization, with a structured budget, well developed strategies, planned tactics and measureable goals.
The bottom line here is that sticky notes may seem convenient, but the clean-up they require make a company inefficient in their processes and ultimately waste time. Understanding that your marketing is vital to your business growth, plan to succeed with a strategy that makes sense. A cohesive marketing plan will drive a positive business performance. So, remove the sticky notes from your office and use them for your kid’s lunch box!