5 Ways to Generate More Quality Leads

No matter how busy you are, if you are in business you know that you need a constant lead generation to keep your business running and growing. But often, especially for those who have been in business for while, methods of lead generation become stale. When leads start to slow down, you enter a 'panic' mode and try to scramble to find a way to acquire fresh leads.

The smartest move for your business is to ensure that you keep your lead generation running constantly, not just when you are slow. A constant influx of leads will ensure you NEVER have to worry about slow downs that can hurt your business. Here are five techniques you can use to generate quality leads on a regular basis to keep your company moving forward...

1.  Keep on marketing
Don't just extend marketing efforts when business is slow, but create and follow a marketing plan that allows for constant efforts to drive leads. Whether you use email marketing, social media, direct mail or other efforts, keep these efforts ongoing throughout the year, regardless of how busy you are.

2.  Network regularly
Find a group where you can connect with other businesses who share your interests. Rotary groups, chambers of commerce and referral groups are just a few places to start. By networking regularly, you will ensure that you are extending your sphere of contacts who can help to provide you with new leads.

3.  Ask for referrals
Every time you finish a project, complete a sale or close a transaction, ask your customer if there is anyone else they know who could benefit from your products or services. A happy customer is always a great referral and is usually very enthusiastic to share your information. If they don't know you are looking for new business, it may not occur to them to refer you, but if you take the time to ask, most will oblige.

4.  Call your customers
Make a point of talking to your customers on a regular basis. A call doesn't always have to be about closing a sale. Call them to check in and see how they are doing. Ask if there is anything that you can do for them. By reminding your customers that you are there, and that you are service-oriented, you remind them to call you when they need something.

5.  Focus on what the customer needs
Oneof the biggest mistakes I see from smaller businesses is inflexibility. While I strongly advocate finding what you do well and sticking with it, and not changing your business on every whim of every lead, do make sure that your business is flexible to the needs of your customers. If they are asking for something that you are capable of and that fits with your niche, provide it. If you have to, experiment with your offerings with one or two willing customers, and then roll out an offering to everyone once you know it will work.

Which of these ideas are you implementing, or will you try? Let me know what kind of lead generation is working for your business... or contact me for ideas and ways to help generate more leads for you company.