Marketing Question of the Week: Sales Professional Use of Social Media

Marketing Question of the Week: Do you feel that LinkedIn endorsements are a useful tool?

This question came from Scott Boyages of Scott Boyages Promotions. 

Great question Scott... my question to you is "What do you define as 'useful'?" 

The endorsements feature makes it very easy, almost TOO easy, to credit people for their work. For that reason, many people don't take it seriously. It's the equivalent of a "LIKE" on Facebook. 

However, when you endorse someone, and when you are endorsed by someone else, a notification is put out to all of YOUR contact and all of THEIR contacts in the newsfeed (and in any email updates that are sent). 

So while the actual endorsement might not mean much, the VISIBILITY that you generate for the person for that endorsement can be valuable. (For both them and you.) 

To answer your question, I think Endorsements ARE a useful too... just not necessarily for what the average user thinks.