Where You Can Find the Best Content to Share on Social Media

Almost weekly I'm asked by a client or follower where the best place to find information to post on social sites can be found.

While some of this varies according to your social media strategy (e.g. are you trying to promote products, entertain, provide news or offer customer service via your social channel?), there are three places where I am confident you can always find great content to post:

1.  Your Website

If you've spent any time creating a decent amount of website content, you've already create plenty to share on social media. Your website pages help provide insight about your company, your product or services, and maybe even some client stories. This is all great information to share on social media. Just provide a short contextual introduction and share the link to your own page. While you don't want to be all about shameles self-promotion, there is no reason why you shouldn't give your audience some perspective about what you and your company stand for.

On that note, also take a look at your blog. Many people think that if the blog post isn't recent it isn't worth sharing. You couldn't be more wrong! Unless your blog discusses topics that erode with time (e.g. reporting on the 2012 presidential election), there is no reason why a past blog post can't be shared today. If the information is still relevant, share it.

2.  Your Suppliers

Whether you sell products or services, there are industry websites that you turn to for information and advice. While some of what you read there might be too deep, technical or dry for your audience, that doesn't mean all the content isn't valid. Look for articles, products or blog posts that will appeal to your audience and share that information.

One great way to offer personalization of this shared content is to provide some insightful thoughts or a summary about the referenced link in your post. Don't just share the link, but tell your audience WHY you are sharing it, and give your feedback about what makes it relevant to them.

3.  Content Aggregator Sites

Content aggregators are websites that collect information from all over the web and allow you to search by category, keyword or topic to find many articles that might be relevant to you and your audience. If you ever read Huffington Post, you are already familiar with content aggregators. Sites like Reddit offer content that is both aggregated and RANKED, so you already know what is popular, while sites like Google News and Alltop provide excellent SEARCH functionality to help you sort through all the content they collect to find what is most relevant in a crowded category.

There are many other ways to find or create relevant content for social media posts, but these ideas should keep you going for a while. So get started, and let me know what resources work best for your social posts!