Visual Social Marketing - Is It Really Important?

Instagram. Pinterest. Snapchat. Facebook. Twitter. No matter which platform you use, social marketing includes images. Everything from photos, illustrations, videos and infographics. There is no doubt that images capture the attention of the audience. Maybe a picture really is worth 1,000 words?
Over the last 12-months social media giants, such as Instagram and Facebook have analyzed users and developed their applications with algorithms that highlight and emphasize visual content. What do they know that you should?
A few stats:
  • A message delivered via visual methods show a retention rate after 3-days of about 65% as compared to a standard message which is remembered by less than 10% after the same amount of time.
  • Over 75% of small business owners and marketers report the use of video marketing with a marked success.
  • Using the word “video” in an email subject line boosts open rates by 19% and clickthrough rates by 65%.
If your digital marketing plan or campaign includes a call-to-action by way of sharing, than visual content is certainly a must. According to BufferApp posts including visual content are more than 40x more likely to be shared
These trends are not going unnoticed within the social media industry. Facebook recently introduced an in-app option allowing users to assemble photo and video collections that are only visible for a 24-hour period. Sound familiar, Snapchat users? This new feature, Facebook Stories, allows users to share stories within the main Facebook app. 
Visual social marketing is the latest, hottest trend for digital marketing, and something you should take advantage of. Be sure to follow the rules of good marketing by planning for your campaigns with the same detail and goals as you would with any digital campaign. Be sure that you understand how to measure the response, identify the desired outcomes, and select the platforms to reach your segmented targets to see success. As always, monitor your campaigns during and at completion to be sure that you meet those goals.
With the right planning and tactical execution, your pictures could be worth thousands... of dollars!