Why You Need the Red Headed Stepchild of Social Networks

If you use social media, you probably use Facebook. Maybe you even Tweet once in a while, or if you're super-techy, you use Google+. But my bet is that although most of the people reading this have a LinkedIn profile, there is a but a handful that login more than once a month. And that is unfortunate. Because if you're in the B2B space, LinkedIn is the most valuable social media platform available to you.

LinkedIn users have an average annual income of over $100,000 and are some of the key decision-makers in their companies. Even if you are not in a business-to-business industry, these are the people that are the movers and shakers, as well as the most qualified to have the disposable income or budget controls to afford your products or services.

If you are in B2B, these are the decision makers that you need to be talking to. But how? That's the most frequent question I hear as an online marketing consultant. Facebook seems much easier to engage with... how do you create engagement on LinkedIn? The video below offers some ideas and tips for that. If you need more, please contact me via any of the links below and I'll be happy to help you.