What's Up with QR Codes Anyway?

If you're somewhat technology savvy, you know about QR codes and might be trying to work them into your marketing campaigns.

If you're not, here's a quick primer: a QR code is a square graphic that you see on advertisements that can be scanned by smartphones to provide the viewer with additional information. Sometimes QR codes bring the viewer to a website, a lead collection form or other web-based material for more marketing information. Some QR codes pass contact or other information on to the visitor. Whatever the use, QR codes are a way to maximize the smartphone technology with a more 'intimate' touch to your target market.

Whether QR codes are effective or not really depends on how they are used and whom they are directed to. I've seen some really creative uses that have gotten great results, while others are a complete flop. Honestly, until you try it out on your market, you really won't know if it's right for you.

So, if you're interested in trying them, here are some tips and ideas for creative ways to try QR codes in your marketing. Let me know how they work for you!