Why You Should Be Using Facebook Messenger Marketing


Did you know that although 1.3 billion people actively use Facebook Messenger, less than 1% of businesses are using it for marketing? If that doesn’t scream opportunity to you, take a step back.

Why Use Facebook Messenger Marketing?

Facebook Messenger, long known as an alternate method to connect with your friends similar to texting, is now available for business (or Facebook Page owner) use. Messenger offers the opportunity to communicate in a short-but-sweet manner, similar to a short post or tweet, and encouraging response from your audience in the familiar messaging format they use comfortably with their Facebook friends.
Going beyond the reach of email, the average Messenger open rate is 70-80% making it a truly viable option for audience communications. And unlike social media posts, which tend to talk “at” your audience, Messenger marketing is conversational, enabling your brand to actually engage with prospects resulting in a response rate on Messenger that is double and triple that of email click-through rates. Facebook Messenger Marketing bypasses the spam filters and promotions tabs in email, going directly to the users who are asking to receive your messages. 

How Can Your Business Use Facebook Messenger?

While social media posts and email marketing are more “push” in their communication method, Messenger is more interactive in nature. You audience can easily ask questions about an event or an offer with just a quick line of text, receiving specific and instant (sometimes automated) responses which drives conversion rates. Messenger can also leverage AI-enabled chatbots that make the experience more natural and interesting to the user, thus more engaging. These conversational chatbots enable your business to personalize the user experience to deliver private, one-on-one conversations with every customer. Talk about an exceptional customer experience!
Facebook Messenger can provide automated messaging to answer frequently asked questions, engage prospects when your team isn't available for immediate response or provide guided self-help for customer support and online purchases. 
Facebook messenger can be used to send "chat blast" messages to your audience, similar to email. Your message can include text, images and links, helping to deliver a more enticing message that inspires action,
Facebook Messenger marketing is shaping up to be the latest and greatest advancement in marketing technology for 2019. It’s poised to become one of the most significant marketing channels going forward for any business whose audience is using Facebook (HINT: that’s everyone, including B2B!). You can be an early adopter on this one and reap the benefits now. Just contact us for more information so you can get started.