Why Your Marketing Is Broken

Does it feel like your marketing is hopelessly broken? How do you even know if it’s broken, or how badly? Are you feeling frustrated with your efforts or lack of progress with your marketing programs?
In this three-part series, we will help you determine if your marketing is the source of your business challenges, how to fix your marketing programs, and the best way to find the help you need to create a successful result.
Is my marketing broken?
The understanding that something is wrong, without knowing exactly what that “something” might be, is a common problem we hear from small business owners. Anyone who has been running their business for more than a few years already knows what their business “should” be like. You know what you should be seeing for leads, and what those leads should produce in sales. You are well aware of what your company’s reputation should be, and how your customers and prospects should think of you. 
But what happens when your understanding of what “should be” isn’t the reality of your business? For many, this is the first clue that the company’s marketing may be broken.
What exactly is “broken”?
In evaluating your marketing and its effectiveness, the idea of “broken” comes in many forms. It can show up in emails that don’t get results, websites that are out of date or unusable, or questionable social media programs. Many business leaders find that “broken” means that programs aren’t working together, or with consistency. Sometimes just one or two areas of marketing are having problems. But if you haven’t been working on your marketing regularly, you may find your entire program could use a tune up. 
Before you start thinking email must be dead (it’s not), a website isn’t a solid lead generator (it is), blogging is a waste of time (hardly), or that social media can’t produce results (it can), it’s time to realize that it’s not them, it’s you. Your company has marketing problems worth your attention, and now it’s time to act. 
How did my marketing break?
For most small businesses, marketing problems start with the strategy or, more appropriately, the lack of strategy. Due to a hectic schedule, the need to wear too many hats and the general distractions that come with running a business, most small businesses owners tend to focus exclusively on marketing tactics:
  • How many Facebook posts did we make this week?
  • Did we send an email to our list this month?
  • Should we update the website today?
These are good questions, but marketing that really produces results starts with strategy. 
Strategy helps to define the tactics and determines how to move forward with the most successful programs. A solid marketing strategy needs to be developed by someone with the ability to look at the whole picture of your company and its marketing needs. That means examining areas such as lead generation, brand reputation, customer service and long-term business goals. 
In our next article we will discuss the development of a marketing strategy that will help to direct your marketing, creating a focus that will bring success.