Marketing Question of the Week: Sales Professional Use of Social Media

 Marketing Question of the Week: I understand the power of social media and the need to market myself with it. Currently all I am doing is 'checking in' at some of my appointments locations and posting links for articles pertaining to my industry. How can I, as a sales professional that doesn't offer personal or retail services, utilize social media better to market my business?

Thanks to Chris Burns of ACP Fire & Security for asking this question. 

Marketing Question of the Week: Sales Professional Use of Social Media

Marketing Question of the Week: What is the best way to make follow up contact with a possible client/customer after an initial short information gathering meeting?

This question comes from Jim Silva of Silva Law Office

Jim, your question about following up is a challenging one. I think it is highly dependent upon your industry, whether you sell product or service, and what your relationship is with someone. I can tell you what I do, and maybe that will be a helpful start. 

First, connect socially online. 

Marketing Your Small Business in the Digital Age

As a small business, deciding which online marketing channels to focus on can be a challenge. This presentation, conducted for the North East Canvas Products Association, discusses the various forms of online marketing available to small business, to help focus efforts to where marketing dollars can have the most impact for the company. This is a shortened version of the full presentation. For the full presentation, please contact me directly.

Marketing Question of the Week: Sales Professional Use of Social Media

Marketing Question of the Week: Do you feel that LinkedIn endorsements are a useful tool?

This question came from Scott Boyages of Scott Boyages Promotions. 

Great question Scott... my question to you is "What do you define as 'useful'?" 

The endorsements feature makes it very easy, almost TOO easy, to credit people for their work. For that reason, many people don't take it seriously. It's the equivalent of a "LIKE" on Facebook. 

Marketing Minute with Kevin Willett: Google+ for Small Business

As social networks go, I'm a huge fan of Google+. From Hangouts with clients and colleagues to discussions with industry leaders, I feel it's the most exciting and rewarding platform around today. This week, Kevin Willett of New England B2B Networking and The Friends of Kevin interviewed me about his questions about Google+ for small business.

Marketing Minute with Kevin Willett: Components of a Great Website

What makes a great website? There are a lot of factors that we consider when we are building a site for a client, most importantly the one of reaching the client's goals. But as an award-winning web designer with more than 15 years of experience, I try to answer Kevin Willett's questions about what aspects apply to a great small business website.

Marketing Minute with Kevin Willett: Websites vs Social Media Pages for Small Business

This week Kevin Willet of New England B2B Networking and Friends of Kevin asked a question I hear a lot from small business owners... why do I need a website when I can just use a social media page to advertise my business? While many small business owners are tempted to take the quick, easy and cheap route of the free social page, it's not really the best idea as a long term investment in your business marketing. Here I try to explain why that is true, and considerations small business owners should think about as they create their online marketing plan.

Marketing Minute with Kevin Willett: Email Marketing

I'm kind of a dinosaur when it comes to online marketing. I've been working in online marketing since the mid-1990's, which has let me live through a lot of the growing pains of the industry.

But even back then, we knew that email marketing was one of the most important aspects to an online marketing plan that a business could work with. Today, all these years later, that hasn't changed. Social networks come and go, but email is here to stay.