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Drive New Business with Directory Listing Services

Driving new business takes more than simply appearing in search results. To capture the eye of today’s savvy consumer, you need to present a brand image that’s both enticing and positive. The expert interactive marketers at 108 Degrees can help you amplify and enhance your existing online listings to deliver a message that’s accurate, consistent and, above all, appealing to new and existing customers alike.

Directory listings are essential for strong search engine rankings. Your appearance in these search results can have a significant impact on your local brand reputation and your ability to attract new customers. 108 Degrees will amplify and enhance your existing online presence with a service that creates, updates, and maintains your directory listings for every location of your business. We will ensure that your listings are accurate, consistent and, above all, present a compelling image that’s sure to drive new business.

Expand and improve your online presence with Our Directory Listing Services. We will enhance your existing website and social media efforts by:

  • Evaluating your initial listing presence to determine current need for enhancements and exposure
  • Enhancing directory listing content with photos, videos, hours of operation, and more
  • Monitoring distribution and brand reputation
  • Eliminating duplicate listings
  • Providing local traffic analytics
  • Providing ongoing support for continued enhancement of your online brand presence and reputation

Contact 108 Degrees today to learn how we can bring your online presence to a new level.

Determine First Steps & Goals

Our team will provide an initial review of your website and listing locations to determine the steps needed to maximize your listing presence. We will provide you with an understanding of your current performance and work with you to establish goals and identify efficient strategies to meet them.

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