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Do your email campaigns inspire action?

Remember when "You've Got Mail" actually meant something? In the 25+ years since email has been part of our daily lives, it has evolved from a novelty that caught your attention to the standard for business communications. But as email has become more ubiquitous, it has become more and more difficult for business messages to get through the clutter and affect action with an audience.

When you work with 108 Degrees, we will help you develop both your message and your communications to a higher level. We are continuously testing the latest innovations in email marketing and technology to find the best ways to ensure your message is heard. From developing your opt-in list to increasing opens, clicks and actions, we make sure your message is heard above the noise.

email marketing that works

Effective Email Marketing

Custom Design & Brand Templates

At 108 Degrees, we can develop a completely customized campaign or a series of brand templates that will communicate your message consistently to your audience. We can create unique, one-of-a-kind designs or work with your existing templates to strengthen your brand messaging.

All email projects are created with responsive design in mind. That means your campaign will be just as readable on a mobile device as it is on a desktop or tablet, plus every project is quality tested with Litmus to ensure presentation and deliverability to your list.


Trust the experts

We are proud to be part of MailChimp's Experts program, allowing us to provide platform-specific advice, strategy and guidance for MailChimp users. 108 Degrees has been utilizing MailChimp for more than 10 years, and we work regularly with clients using API's and other advanced features, skills that only come from a deep level of system knowledge.

As members of the Experts program, we are able to offer exclusive discounts only available to new customers working with MailChimp's registered Experts. Our experience and offerings include:

  • New program set up
  • Behavioral targeting
  • A/B split campaigns
  • API integration
  • Subscription forms & pop-up forms
  • List management

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