The National Association of Chronic Disease Directors

About the National Association of Chronic Disease Directors


Merrimack College

About Merrimack College, Office of Professional & Continuing Studies

Patients Rising

About Patients Rising

Patients Rising is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to providing support and education to people with chronic and life-threatening illnesses. It works with patients to advocate for access to the treatments, innovations and care they need. Their counterpart organizations, Patients Rising University and Patients Rising NOW, offer online learning and community/state/federal support for reforms and legislation aime at advancing patient access to healthcare.

Active Science for Kids

Initially funded by a grant from the US Department of Health and Human Services and the University of Massachusetts, this innovative program was designed to reinforce the theory that children learn better when provided the opportunity to integrate physical exercise with learning. By having students exercise and monitor their steps, movement and heart rate and then analyzing that data in math and science classes, Active Science integrates STEM learning with movement.

Mastery Transcript Consortium

About The Mastery Transcript Consortium

Phillips Academy Andover

About Phillips Academy Andover

Phillips Academy Andover is a co-educational preparatory high school for boarding and day students located in Andover, Massachusetts. One of the oldest and most respected schools of its kind, its diverse community of students and faculty come from all corners of the world and are dedicated to the school's Non Sibi (Not for One's Self) tradition, to which they dedicate many outreach efforts.

Town of Pelham, NH Economic Development

About Town of Pelham, NH Economic Development

Located on the Massachusetts border, the Town of Pelham NH is a region poised for big economic growth. With the expansion of Route 93 in the area, the town Planning Office and business community see this as an opportunity to capture the interest of site planners and business owners looking to make a move and take advantages of the many benefits the town offers.


New England Peer Review

New England Peer Review (NEPR) administers the AICPA Peer Review Program for accounting and/or auditing firms in Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont in accordance with the AICPA Peer Review Standards to attain the highest level of quality and integrity in service and work product.

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