Active Science

Active Science for Kids

This pilot program, funded by a grant from the US Dept. of Health and Human Services and the University of Massachusetts, set to reinforce the theory that children learn better when provided the opportunity to integrate physical exercise into the lesson. With schools reducing gym and recess periods, it is critical for educators to have the ability to improve learning with less resources. 
Active Science integrates STEM learning with movement by having the children exercise and monitor their steps, movement and heart rate and then analyzing that data in math and science classes. 


We designed the program's brand feel and printed activity log. We then built a website using Drupal technology where students were provided with classroom curriculum, were able to enter their experiment data and analyze their results via charts and graphs, and finally take online examinations to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding. Data from the program is also collected and downloaded from the site by teachers and researchers in the program so as to provide additional research and support for other STEM programs.


Print marketing
Website application design 
Website application development
Usability testing