Active Science for Kids

Initially funded by a grant from the US Department of Health and Human Services and the University of Massachusetts, this innovative program was designed to reinforce the theory that children learn better when provided the opportunity to integrate physical exercise with learning. By having students exercise and monitor their steps, movement and heart rate and then analyzing that data in math and science classes, Active Science integrates STEM learning with movement. With schools reducing gym and recess periods along with educators faced with less resources, Active Science is providing a valuable tool to meet both the physical and educational needs of children in schools and non-profit organizations across the country.


Our work started with a pilot program in 2011 where 108 Degrees was responsible for the design of the program's brand for the online UI and the printed activity log used by students for recording program data. We subsequently built a website using the Drupal CMS that allowed the instructors to bring together classroom curriculum and student activity data that was reviewed using both video and text formats. The User Interface provided students with the ability to enter their experiment data and analyze their results via charts and graphs. Finally, the site allowed participants to take online examinations to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of the material, and provided instructors with the ability to review and grade performance. Data from the program was also collected and downloaded from the site by teachers and researchers in the program so as to provide additional research and support for other STEM programs. 
Years after these initial concepts were tested, Active Science achieved proof of concept through rigorous testing and development through programs at YMCA and other youth organizations. In 2018, it returned to 108 Degrees for additional marketing support in the areas of content development and campaign creation as it entered a new phase of growth for the organization. We worked closely with the current Active Science team, through the support of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, to evolve the marketing messages and online presence, allowing the organization to build reach and engagement with new audiences. Our work included the launch of their new website, establishment of their lead-generation focused email marketing program, reassessment and setup of social media programs, and launch of new social media channels.

Services Provided

Email marketing campaigns
Integrated marketing
Marketing strategy & consulting
Print marketing
Usability testing
Website application design 
Website application development
Website content

“We’ve been so pleased by the rapid initial growth of our program. Now that we have proof of concept, it’s time to take our message and program to more communities so even more children and families can experience the benefits of Active Science.” - Kyle McInnis, Sc.D, Research Founder