Catherine Zerba

About Catherine Zerba, Realtor

Not satisfied with the page of promotion provided by her brokerage firm, Catherine Zerba had always known that a personal brand was the key to building her business presence online. After experiences with some industry-known site builders, she became frustrated with the inability to self-update, the costs for every change requested, and the limitations in both design and presentation. She also knew that a professional social media presence was key to connecting with professional and younger home sellers and buyers with whom she wanted to build repoire.
Catherine hired 108 Degrees in 2012 to begin building her social media and digital brand reputation, as well as a custom website that would meet her specific needs. Catherine's resulting online brand presence was both professional and far-reaching, helping her to expand her business reach. Her custom website was awarded winner of the 2013 Blue Drop Award for Best Personal Site.
With a move to a new firm and recognition of the changing face of interactive marketing, Catherine asked that we create a new, responsive version of her award-winning site. Launched in 2016, the new site, built on Drupal 7, was designed to be mobile compliant and automatically adapt to the user’s behavior and environment based on screen size, platform and orientation. The new site builds upon the work done on the original site to integrate outbound marketing and social integration while maintaining the ability for Catherine to update the site herself.


In addition to the design of her two websites, we also provided branding and marketing consulting services to Catherine, as well as execution of the developed strategy. Work included digital marketing services, as well as assistance with print and direct mail campaigns.

Marketing strategy
Website development
Social media marketing 
Email marketing