Dynamic Benchmarking

About Dynamic Benchmarking

Founded in 2010, Dynamic Benchmarking provides state-of-the-art, online benchmarking study platforms for non-profits and associations. As a small software startup, they needed to focus on their core competency. 108 Degrees was initially brought in to run their website and digital marketing campaigns, but now acts as an extension of their team. We provide full support for their marketing needs, including working with both staff and clients to build awareness of their products and developing their brand. 



Software startups are well-known for their need to develop with the needs of their clients. We work with the executive team at Dynamic Benchmarking to continuously refine their message and brand direction so that it evolves along with their customer base. In 2015, we helped coordinate a logo and brand redesign to bring their corporate identity closer in line with their industry and message.


As a technology provider, Dynamic Benchmarking needed a website that would meet the design standards of the industry as well as build their brand and reputation. We helped them craft messaging and presentations that would speak to their audience and created a responsive website that encouraged product research and lead generation. An important part of their offering to their clients is the services and experience they bring to the benchmarking studies, so great emphasis was placed on the blog where they are able to pass on their knowledge,  build respect and trust with their prospects. 

We began working with Dynamic Benchmarking on their email marketing in 2013 when we suggested that their email communications needed to be more regular, expansive and mature to resonate with their target audience of association executives. Our programs have included webinar registration emails, pre- and post-event promotion, regular monthly news, software update notices to customers, and automation programs. In 2014, we coordinated their list sync with Salesforce using APIs, which now allows the Sales team to have up-to-the-minute analytic results from email campaigns. We continue to coordinate a variety of email campaigns for Dynamic Benchmarking, including automation, content curation newsletters and monthly news.
Dynamic Benchmarking is a software provider that caters to membership-based organizations. It is essential that any public relations efforts support the company’s brand, as well as promote the member-engaging platforms they develop. Our press releases, news media and event coverage provide strategic communications that build the company’s reputation, strengthen the relationship between Dynamic Benchmarking and their clients, and provide outreach to the niche industry. The messaging we provide is designed to encourage partnership and collaboration with clients and the industry.
In 2017, we worked with Dynamic Benchmarking executives and project managers to promote and launch a first-of-its-kind industry benchmarking study. We created PR and social media buzz to inform the industry and engage participants. Our work included survey brand development, marketing support for platform creation, campaigns conducted for the industry’s largest annual event and efforts to promote the study and results. 
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Website design and development
Email marketing
Social media management
Public relations
Survey launch

We've been working with 108 Degrees for several years and rely on them for the majority of our marketing needs. Initially, MaryAnn and her team really took the time to learn about our business and the market we serve. Now, they educate, encourage and push us to grow and expand our marketing efforts...and the results have been terrific. From digital marketing, to website creation and everything in between, the team at 108 Degrees have become de facto members of Dynamic Benchmarking...and we wouldn't have it any other way!

~ Lisa Vivinetto, Co-Founder & Chief Marketing Officer