Phillips Academy Andover

About Phillips Academy Andover

Phillips Academy Andover is a co-educational preparatory high school for boarding and day students located in Andover, Massachusetts. One of the oldest and most respected schools of its kind, its diverse community of students and faculty come from all corners of the world and are dedicated to the school's Non Sibi (Not for One's Self) tradition, to which they dedicate many outreach efforts.
Andover's Department of Communications helps students, faculty, parents and alumni become aware of the ongoing work and activities at the school, and the need for support from the community for those activities.
108 Degrees works directly with the Communications team and other internal departments to facilitate email communications outside the organization, including activities for giving and outreach.


The large network of Andover alumni, teachers, parents and community members receive regular email communications through the systems initiated by the Communications Department. While many communications are handled by individual departments with the school's branded templates, special effort is extended for some campaigns that require custom programming. Our team works with the Communications Department to build custom email communication for various initiatives, as well as developing custom templates for departments who need specialized communications. In addition, we offer tactical support for internal departments who have extensive external communications needs, acting as facilitators to ensure that message delivery to parents and other off-campus audiences are received on a timely, regular schedule. 
The audience for most of Andover’s campaigns is very tech savvy, requiring design to have a unique, creative flair as well as effective messaging. Andover Communications support a wide range of email clients and browsers, which often means intensive development and testing of templates and campaigns to ensure every email meet its strict quality standards. 
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