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About A La Mode Shoppe

A La Mode started as an idea - the idea that kids with food allergies should be able to enjoy a delicious ice cream treat with their loved ones and not have to sacrifice taste, quality or flavor selection because of their dietary limitations. In a matter of years, they grew from a local NYC creamery into a nationally celebrated brand with diverse offerings that include products that meet Safe Snack™ guidelines and were available in schools, stadiums, companies, and at home, purchased from a local grocery store, or from an online store.



The leadership of A La Mode approached us as they planned to take their celebrated ice cream brand to a larger, national level campaign that would bring in both consumer and B2B prospects. Having grown organically, with most of their B2B effort in the grocery arena, they knew that their consumer demand needed to increase and their margin opportunities would expand if they could just reach out to other markets. 
Working with their Communications, Operations and Sales team, 108 Degrees worked on the strategic plans to grow the brand’s reach. Planning began with a comprehensive review of their current status, including evaluating and updating their trademark use to protect their brand before launching nationally, as well as coordinating the implementation of needed infrastructure to ready for the upcoming campaigns. We worked collaboratively with their web development team to ensure that their website would provide both the user experience needed for consumers, as well as the information vital for building the B2B relationships that would increase their opportunities in new markets. Our work also included B2B efforts beyond their own site, such as distribution partners for both online retail and grocery stores.


While the company had a large and dedicated following on Instagram, other social media channels were largely ignored as the company focused on internal growth. Preparing for a national campaign required an update and overhaul to ready these channels for new audience reach. 108 Degrees helped to develop the voice and presence on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and developed a new YouTube channel to share video content provided by customers and team members. We also contributed to the Instagram channel, to help bring the B2B voice needed to reach new markets and ensure that messaging across all channels was consistent and regular.


Before working with 108 Degrees, email outreach from the company was mainly focused on supporting the local market in NYC that frequented the flagship retail store. While this was a loyal following, the reach was too limited to drive consumer demand in national grocery chains or build up the B2B inquiries that would expand their reach into other markets. Our team helped to sort and segment lists and build regular campaign outreach with editorial planning, updated templates and transactional emails tied to online store transactions. Our efforts also included list growth initiatives, with the intention of driving new, fresh audience members into the exciting world of allergy-free, hand-packed ice cream goodness.


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