Rosenfeld Bagel Co.

About Rosenfeld Bagel Co.

For over 40 years, Rosenfeld's has been the Boston area's leading Kosher bagel shop, offering award-winning challah, scrumptious baked goods and New York style bagels made with the same old-fashioned recipe that made them famous. But even with a well-known local reputation, Rosenfeld's ownership recognized that building their business in the 21st century would require more than their current marketing programs could deliver. 108 Degrees was brought in to initiate Rosenfeld's digital media program, including social media management, email marketing and coordination of their website. While our work is predominantly focused on the digital brand, we also provide strategic advice for overall marketing initiatives, including direct mail, print advertising and corporate identity. 



Before working with 108 Degrees, Rosenfeld's social media reach was limited to a Facebook page that saw infrequent, irregular updates that were well-intentioned, but missing key opportunities to connect with followers. We developed a regular communications schedule to engage the audience and encourage more interaction, building page visibility. Other social platforms were added to the mix, including Twitter and Google+, which helped to build awareness of the business with new markets. 

Alongside the social media program that Rosenfeld's originally requested, we strongly recommended the development of an email program to reward loyal customers and build an audience that we could communicate outside of the social media channels. This program started with the collection of names at their retail location as well as website visitors and social channel followers. While the list is still in early stages of development, the management at Rosenfeld's Bagels is highly encouraged by the overall response and growth. 
Even more impressive are the analytics results of the email blasts. The monthly email coupons' average open rates are 300% higher than the industry average, and have resulted in increasing visibility for the business even during their slow season. Using automated emails, we are able to collect deeper list data and send promotional birthday emails to list members. Not only are the open rates on these birthday emails exceedingly high, the response rate within the retail store has been outstanding. This is a double win for the business owner, who verifies that those coming in for a free birthday present subsequently spend more than the average purchase amount on "extras" during that birthday visit. 
Our success with the digital marketing program resulted in requests from the shop owner to extend our efforts in other areas. In addition to assisting with their website development and maintenance, we also help to coordinate print and direct mail programs with their providers, assist with corporate identity pieces and develop a coordinated strategy for marketing within the retail shop as well as online. 
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