Mastery Transcript Consortium

About The Mastery Transcript Consortium

The idea for Mastery Transcript Consortium® (MTC) sparked in 2014 and the network officially launched on March 1, 2017, to champion a belief that there is a better way of preparing high school students for the world ahead and of presenting them to colleges and employers. The concept for MTC was born from the Hawken School in Cleveland, thanks to the vision of Scott Looney, head of school at Hawken and now MTC’s Board Chair, who saw the most basic of all high school documents—the transcript—as a boulder in the way of high school innovation. 
This network of independent and public high schools has reinvented how students prepare for college, career, and life by creating a digital, high school transcript that reflects the unique skills, strengths, and interests of each learner. This new transcript, called the “Mastery Transcript,” supports schools in shifting from a traditional instruction model that credits student seat-time spent in subject-based courses to a mastery-based model that credits demonstrated achievement of Mastery Credits (both in traditional content areas, as well as in the development of skills, such as collaboration, communication, and leadership). Used by over 300 of the world’s most recognized independent and progressive public schools, MTC’s advisors and board members include some of the most noted scholars and practitioners in the industry.




Mastery Transcript Consortium (MTC) needed an effective, efficient way to offer digital communication of their progress and messages to a wide range of audiences, from administrators to educators, and even the public. As a new organization, MTC started managing its communications using spreadsheets, but as these lists grew, the team knew that it was time to institute a more sophisticated system.
Working directly with the MTC Communications team, we presented the capabilities of several customer relationship management systems, helped them determine the best option for the organization’s needs and assisted in the integration, configuration, and implementation of that system with their email communications platform. In addition, we worked with the team to prepare users for ongoing email communications by providing training materials for users of the new system.


To present a strong and polished brand image, we created multiple email templates that used a single, unified design standard for digital communications. We also provided advisory services on methodologies for addressing the various audiences for MTC, with appropriate messaging for their unique pain points and interests. 
When MTC rebranded their image with a more contemporary palette and design, we assisted with a rebranding of these templates as well as consulting on its overall marketing planning and strategy for coherent email communication. Our work included creative development of automation campaigns designed to increase engagement with new audiences.


When the organization elected to move to a new customer relationship management software, the Communications Department again engaged 108 Degrees for assistance. For this project, we provided technical expertise to assist with the integration process between their Mailchimp platform and the new software, as well as troubleshooting with technical issues between software systems. 
We continue to work with the Communications Department at tMTC, providing both tactical support for program advancements as well as consulting advice for their internally managed communication programs.


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