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About Merrimack College, Office of Professional & Continuing Studies

Founded in 1947 in North Andover, Massachusetts, Merrimack College is a four-year college known for their high quality undergraduate and graduate academic programs in over 100 disciplines. In addition to these traditional academic programs, the college also offers professional and continuing education where students earn certificates, accelerated degrees and receive opportunities for professional development within the organizations where they work. These highly specialized programs are offered through the Office of Professional & Continuing Studies, whose work is independent from undergraduate and graduate programs.



The Office of Professional & Continuing Studies came to us when they sought to increase their variety of programs for professional development. These efforts would require marketing activities that were supplemental to the Communications team’s current efforts for the college, and both groups recognized the need to bring in external resources. Working collaboratively with the leadership in the Office and the Communications department, we evaluated their go to market plan and developed a strategic plan for marketing programs to meet that need.
Our deliverables included a program evaluation report with an eye toward digital marketing opportunities, analysis of target markets, a comprehensive tactical plan and a budget to meet program goals.


Once the plan we provided was approved by all internal teams, we worked collaboratively with the college’s digital marketing team to execute the program. This work included development of content for their website, as well as a build out of the pages needed to promote the program. Once the website foundation was created, the team at 108 Degrees focused on the marketing automation systems, and implementation of the nurturing program. Finally, we crafted and launched both social media and search PPC advertising campaigns to build lead generation.  
Overall response to the ad creative, lures and automation program was considered highly successful, with both the Communications team and program management group providing praise for the numbers of leads generated through the program.


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