The National Association of Chronic Disease Directors

About the National Association of Chronic Disease Directors

The National Association of Chronic Disease Directors (NACDD) is a national, nonprofit, professional association that advocates, educates and provides technical assistance to inform programming and grow chronic disease prevention knowledge, leadership and capacity among their membership. As an organization funded by the Center for Disease Control (CDC), the NACDD works directly with the 59 State and Territorial Health Department Chronic Disease Directors, their staff and other federal and state organizations who protect the health of the public through prevention efforts for chronic conditions.
The NACDD’s Department of Communications is responsible for communications directly related to membership information and activities, as well as working with external consultants and agencies to promote specific chronic disease prevention initiatives. 108 Degrees coordinates with the Communications team and other internal departments to facilitate email communications outside the organization, including activities related to member communications and public education initiatives.



The NACDD first came to us seeking our expertise in the Mailchimp email marketing platform. Having recently worked with an integrator for their Member Management Software, the organization sought to confirm that their list integrations and management processes were meeting industry best practices and would continue to grow with their current plans. They engaged 108 Degrees for a consulting program that provided evaluations, recommendations, planning and the design and development of email templates that would allow them to carry their brand standards consistently across all communications. 
As they began to expand their email program to work with third party consultants, they continued their consulting program with 108 Degrees to ensure that all team members would be able to use the email marketing platform easily and consistently. We assisted with the creation and organization of templates as well as software instructions and demonstrations for external team members to help provide a smooth onboarding process.


When the organization elected to move to a new customer relationship management software, the Communications Department again engaged 108 Degrees for assistance. For this project, we provided technical expertise to assist with the integration process between their Mailchimp platform and the new software, as well as troubleshooting with technical issues between software systems. 
We continue to work with the Communications Department at the NACDD, providing both tactical support for program advancements as well as consulting advice to keep their systems at optimal functioning.


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