New England Peer Review

New England Peer Review (NEPR) administers the AICPA Peer Review Program for accounting and/or auditing firms in Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont in accordance with the AICPA Peer Review Standards to attain the highest level of quality and integrity in service and work product.
The public side of the New England Peer Review website used a standard informational site, providing detail to its audience about its review process, contact information and expressed a clear brand identity for the organization. The site also maintained a private aspect that delivered vital functionality for the organization, including access for Executive Committee Members and Tech Reviewers actively involved in the peer review process. This functionality was vital not only to the organization's mission, but also to its ongoing dedication to quality assurance for its industry. 


Prior to the release of PRIMA and PRISM by the AICPA, NEPR came to us to update its public website and enhance the backend system which had been developed internally to facilitate the Peer Review process required by the AICPA for NEPR members. The organization wanted a new website design, but also an online digital Peer Review system with increased security, better usability and that would eliminate its very manual, paper-based process via a digital standard.
The system we developed used the Drupal content management system along with specialized workflow modules to allow for in-house maintenance of page text, shared documents, calendars and other non-technical content. It included login access for staff and committee members with advanced permissions capability for the upload and retrieval of shared documents in a secure setting. Features such as discussion forums, project management capability using workflow patterns, email notifications and custom reporting were also provided. 
Through the website and workflow management system created by the 108 Degrees team, NEPR was able to move to an over 90% paper-free process, utilizing the many benefits of digital technology for document management.
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