Patients Rising

About Patients Rising

Patients Rising is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to providing support and education to people with chronic and life-threatening illnesses. It works with patients to advocate for access to the treatments, innovations and care they need. Their counterpart organizations, Patients Rising University and Patients Rising NOW, offer online learning and community/state/federal support for reforms and legislation aime at advancing patient access to healthcare.


In 2017, Patients Rising came to us for a marketing strategy consult with a specific eye toward using email marketing to spread its message. The organization wanted to become more efficient and effective in providing those in need with access to tools that could help make living with a chronic condition more manageable. We compiled a comprehensive report on how they could use email marketing to do this. The team used those strategies to make structural and strategic changes to improve its marketing program. 
Fast forward to a year later and Patients Rising returned to 108 Degrees to provide additional strategic advice as well as tactical help. First up was a webinar series for which we provided additional consulting, copywriting for web and email, as well as social media and search campaigns to drive awareness. One of the most important efforts was in strategically evaluating and testing the social ads and search campaigns. Our creative work in search garnered some of the best click through rates the organization had ever experienced, while our social advertising program tested and identified new audiences for future marketing initiatives. 
After the initial 3 month launch, Patients Rising had the confidence to take the majority of the work in-house, turning to us for strategic advice as needed. Overall, the series has been a great success with the additional benefit of a great brand awareness boost for the organization from the successful social and search campaigns.

Services Provided

Email marketing
Marketing strategy & consulting
Search engine marketing
Social media marketing