Where You Can Find the Best Content to Share on Social Media

Almost weekly I'm asked by a client or follower where the best place to find information to post on social sites can be found.

While some of this varies according to your social media strategy (e.g. are you trying to promote products, entertain, provide news or offer customer service via your social channel?), there are three places where I am confident you can always find great content to post:

1.  Your Website

Facebook & Google+ for Small Business

How should a small business use Facebook and Google+? This presentation I gave for the Greater Salem Chamber of Commerce and Windham NH Community Development Department discussed my preferred marketing strategies for small business and professionals using these networks. While these are general strategy guidelines, and I would advise any business or professional to seek individual guidance, they are a good starting point for someone planning their intial online strategy.

We Won a What?!?!?

I am absolutely honored and flabbergasted to announce that not one, but two of our client sites won Blue Drop Awards at this year's Drupalcon!

Why You Need the Red Headed Stepchild of Social Networks

If you use social media, you probably use Facebook. Maybe you even Tweet once in a while, or if you're super-techy, you use Google+. But my bet is that although most of the people reading this have a LinkedIn profile, there is a but a handful that login more than once a month. And that is unfortunate. Because if you're in the B2B space, LinkedIn is the most valuable social media platform available to you.

Mastering Your Marketing Funnel in the Social Media Age

Social media has changed the way we sell. Even if you are selling the same products or services you sold 10 years ago, the way you acquire leads, interact with prospects and follow up after a sale has all changed.

What are your Marketing Questions?

What are your marketing questions? I'll answer one every week!

While some of you know me for website design and social media programs, a lot of my day is actually spent answering client questions about marketing. 

I thought it might be helpful if I answered questions in a public forum that would help many people at once, instead of one at a time.

Marketing Minute: Marketing for Sales Professionals

This week, Kevin Willett of New England B2B Networking and the Friends of Kevin networking groups interviewed me to ask his questions about marketing for sales professionals. In the video, Kevin and I discuss challenges that are unique to people who need to use social media to reach out to customers, but whose primary job is sales.

Do You Know the Difference Between SEO and SEM?

I've had a lot of inquiries lately from people asking if I will help them with their site SEO. As a practical matter, mine is not an SEO company.

But all the inquiries make me realize that a lot of people may not really know what the difference is between an online marketing agency (what we do) and an SEO company.