How To Choose The Right Email Marketing Agency

According to industry-leading software provider Litmus, the return on investment for email marketing is $37 to 1. This makes email marketing a must-have for business and nonprofit programs looking to drive leads and revenue. But how can you find the right agency for your specific needs? Do you focus on an industry specialist? Should you ask friends for referrals? Find out what experts say you should do to find the right agency (or freelancer) for your program. 

She Who Mailchimps — Insights From 6 Mailchimp Experts

What if you had 6 Mailchimp Experts in one place to answer some of your biggest email marketing and Mailchimp questions? Well, this is your chance!

Good Reads: Marketer-recommended Industry Titles

Where can you get the best advice for your marketing program? You can start with some of the top recommended marketing and business books referenced by the experts. Here a group of top email and marketing experts share their best sources of wisdom.

The Best Examples of Email Marketing

There are a lot of innovative campaigns where you can find outstanding examples of marketing prowess. With the help of a few Mailchimp Partners, we’ve selected a list of top creatives on Really Good Emails where you can draw inspiration. Read more...

To Unsubscribe Or Not To Unsubscribe, That Is The Question

Best practice rules tell us that we should regularly scrub our lists of non-performing names to ensure that our messages are landing in the inbox of only those who are ready for our messages. But, at the Mailchimp Partner Community Kickoff meeting in 2020, I shared the story of a client who proved consistently that the only subscriber who is truly disengaged is one who asks to be removed from the list.

Benchmarks For Email Success

Is it all about the open? What about clicks? We collaborated with 7 other Mailchimp Partners to determine and define the most important benchmarks for determining the success of an email campaign.

Essential Tools for Email Marketing

If you've worked with us in the past, you may know that our agency is a Certified Mailchimp Partner. One of the great advantages of this program is the opportunity to connect with other partners, all of whom are true experts in the world of digital and email marketing. In an effort to promote ongoing learning for our followers, a group of us have banded together to provide expert advice every month from our collective decades of experience. This month, we asked the partners to provide their top email marketing tools that everyone should consider.

Why Video is Vital to Your Social Media Marketing Success

In a recent interview, Mark Zuckerberg called video “a mega trend, almost as big as mobile.” That’s a significant statement for marketers to pay attention to. Even the casual observer can see that video is quickly becoming a dominant format in social media across established platforms like FaceBook, Twitter and Instagram while also pervading the stream with up and comers like SnapChat and WhatsApp.