Speaking & Training

What does your team need to learn?

When you work in an industry that evolves at the speed of the Internet, lifelong learning is not just an idea, it becomes part of your DNA. At 108 Degrees we never stop learning. Our team is always pursuing the latest and greatest new advances in technology and marketing so we better serve our clients. We attend top industry training sessions every year in social media, email marketing, web design and Internet technology.

If training is an essential element of your business or organization, we can pass on what we know and learn. We offer a variety of training opportunities, from public speaking events to group classes, that can help your team learn the basics or more advanced techniques to improve your digital and corporate brand.


Group Training For All Sizes.

Bring your group together

It is not always easy to understand the best uses for your social media platforms or how to consistently manage your existing online campaigns. Help your team or organization navigate the digital marketing space with a topic-specific presentation that dives deep (or wide) into the area where they need the most help.

Hands-on workshops and topic-specific classes are presented live and in-person throughout the year. Each class is designed to provide topic specific instruction as well as allow for question and answer and instructor-lead demonstrations. Available topic areas include:

  • Business Social Media
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google+
  • Website Essentials
  • Business Websites
  • e-Commerce
  • Design & Technologies
  • Email Marketing
  • MailChimp for Business
  • Digital Marketing Essentials

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