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LinkedIn, Twitter and Snapchat... Oh my!

Your marketing needs to move with the times and that means utilizing social media channels to reach your target market. Social media will be an important part of your digital marketing strategy, but it should be used correctly and with purpose in order to deliver real results.

Time is the most valuable commodity you have, so don't waste it by dabbling hesitantly in foreign territory. Working with 108 Degrees will give your social media campaigns clear direction, purpose and measurable goals... whether we run them for you or you do it for yourself.

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Social Media That Works.

What does your customer think when they e-meet you?

What would someone think of you if they met you online first? Today, your LinkedIn profile, Facebook page or Twitter feed might be the first way that a prospect hears about your business. Make the best first impression you can with an online presence that has a professional touch.

Our Profile Customization includes creation or optimization of your Social Profile to help improve your appearance as well as performance in search results. Customization packages vary by platform, but all include:

  • Presentation of your profile, including your portrait, blog, vanity URL, and integration with your current online marketing programs
  • Connection to all your existing business contacts
  • Strategy advice for use of social platform features

If you have a portfolio-based career or company, we can help you show off your work with a Graphics Customization Upgrade. Contact us for information about your specific needs and pricing.

Profile Customization is available as a stand-alone service (for clients who do not require social media packages or account maintenance services) or we can couple it with one of our maintenance packages to help coach you with creating status updates and relevant posts.

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