She Who Mailchimps — Insights From 6 Mailchimp Experts

What if you had 6 Mailchimp Experts in one place to answer some of your biggest email marketing and Mailchimp questions? Well, this is your chance! Join Emily, Alessandra, Sequoia, Amy, Larissa and our own MaryAnn Pfeiffer in this fun rapid-fire Q & A all about Mailchimp email marketing.
  • Our favorite send times/days to send an email
  • Subject lines we love
  • Favorite email marketing tips
  • Mailchimp features not to miss
  • Some do's and don't of email marketing
  • Plus, an "I have a quick Mailchimp question" Q & A at the end.
All six women run their own Mailchimp email marketing agency (among other services) and will also answer a few questions on what it takes to manage emails for clients.