Victoria Gourmet

About Victoria Gourmet

Founded in 1998 by entrepreneur and author Victoria Taylor, Victoria Gourmet, Inc. is a leading provider of top-quality, all-natural spices, seasoning blends, and gourmet ingredients whose headquarters are in Woburn, MA. Using only the finest ingredients sourced from all around the world, Victoria Gourmet products have received numerous awards and national acclaim from the media and trade associations and are held in high regard by both home cooks and professional chefs.
Victoria Gourmet came to us looking to build their digital brand to match the strength of their presence in stores across the country. They needed a custom solution that would include a searchable, categorized database of recipes for customers, a blog to inform and interact with their audience, and integration of their new website with their existing online ecommerce system.


Working with their exceptional internal marketing team, we developed an engaging website built with the Drupal content management system to allow for in-house maintenance of pages and content. The site includes features such as a dynamic homepage, a searchable recipe database and custom product pages that highlight features and nutritional information. 
Pleased with the design and functionality of the initial site built in 2013, Victoria Gourmet tapped 108 Degrees once again to further enhance their digital marketing capabilities with an updated website design that included better responsive design options and custom e-commerce capabilities with enhanced features. Their new website launched in 2016 and provides custom integration between their ecommerce and CRM systems, as well as connections with their marketing and bookkeeping software.

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